Stop Motion Animation Class for Beginner

You don't need to be an expert to create a smooth lifelike stop motion animation. You can start with a newbie. You are going to create a beginner basic stop motion animation from basic to medium skill. From a simple animation to basic medium complex, from any object as a character in sequence to a life-like animation.

Hi, I am Michael Gumelar, an artist, a photographer, a guide, and an influencer. I am good at drawing, painting, animating, photographing, making comics, and movie making. I am an open-minded person and would love to hear somebody stories. I began to draw when I was a kid, I am an author of a lot of drawing books, you can search M.S. Gumelar on the internet, that's me. 
Please note: be ready sometimes some local folks want to take a picture with you (^_^)


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