Drawing Bali Style Outdoor Morning Class

Fun outdoor drawing class in the morning with a Bali local artist. Beginner? No problem, drawing class from batik style to a modern one. Artwork from a beginner sometimes has an amazing piece of art. Have fun, to begin with. Create an amazing piece of drawing artwork or illustration and get your artwork published digitally worldwide in an anthology artwork drawing book, and the book can be downloaded for free, the copyright of your artwork with your name still yours to keep.

Hi, I am Michael Gumelar, an artist, a photographer, a guide, and an influencer. I am good at drawing, painting, animating, photographing, making comics, and movie making. I am an open-minded person and would love to hear somebody stories. I began to draw when I was a kid, I am an author of a lot of drawing books, you can search M.S. Gumelar on the internet, that's me. 

Contact us for more info via WhatsApp +6287786666745 email: michael.gumelar@gmail.com or via Airbnb

Please note: be ready sometimes some local folks want to take a picture with you (^_^)


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