CALL FOR PAPERS: International Journal of Entrepreneur Study

CALL FOR PAPERS: International Journal of Entrepreneur Study

Call for a paper. International Journal of Entrepreneur Study (IJES) ISSN 2615-2770 is an open-access professional journal that encourages the latest research on the entrepreneurial system, entrepreneur, and entrepreneurship globally. Affiliated with An1mage International Entrepreneur Community Study.
The journal adheres to the double-blind peer review process to maintain quality and originality. IJES publishes theoretical and or applied study in international entrepreneurship as theoretical and empirical research.
International Journal of Entrepreneur Study aims to cater to the needs of higher managerial cadres in the business and industry. Apart from focusing on the needs of academicians, professional bodies and business and management schools, the journal is resourceful for scholars, researchers, and students in this field.
The journal scope wide range of topics in this field, including but not limited to entrepreneurial, entrepreneur, entrepreneurship & family businesses, start up businesses, non profit businesses, profit maximization, social entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial marketing, entrepreneurial ideas, real estate entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial economics, entrepreneurial networks, entrepreneurial venturing, entrepreneurial risk and reward, women entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship and economic development.
IJES is a biyearly publication, in March and September, please submit your manuscript before 28th February or 30th August. Send your manuscript by email: or by clicking "Make a Submission" button on the upper right.  Submission fee 300 USD only. IJES Template can be downloaded here.
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